March 3, 2024


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5 Factors that Contribute Towards a Luxury Holiday

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You are probably already aware of the common earmarks associated with luxury holidays. These usually include large rooms, comfortable beds, luxurious fittings and fixtures, and more. Yet there is more to this term than you may know about. To ensure that you are obtaining value for a luxury holiday, below are 5 considerations before you make a decision.

Before we get started it is important to understand that luxury accommodation and hotels are interchangeably used with the overall concept associated with luxury holidays. While the hotel may only have to do with your accommodation, the overall holiday will entail the other details such as tour guides, flights, transfers, and experiences, along with the different hotel options. For example, the Kairaba Mythos hotel & spa in Corfu is not just a five-star resort but also offers a variety of high-end services.

1. Attention to Details

The best luxury holidays are distinguished by superior attention-to-detail along with common sense. All the activities should go off without a hitch and if you do run into an unplanned issue, the providers of the holiday should be able to solve the problem efficiently and quickly. When you use experienced and professional ABTA-bonded tour operators this is made possible. It is the staff training level that these luxury hotels offer that provides that additional value level.

2. Personalised Service

Check on reviews to find out the way staff have been trained to handle and treat their guests. In the high-end establishments, these staff members will quickly find out what you prefer and more about you by asking informal questions along with tailored suggestions.

For instance, if your drink of choice is a dry martini, the staff will remember what you ordered, which means there will be no hassles or confusion when you place another order.

The best personalised services will usually involve offering alternative choices when a client is interested in doing something which may not offer a top-class experience. For example, a traveller might ask for a trip to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage based in Sri Lanka. The travel consultant might recommend a visit to the Elephant Transit Camp or other better safaris in the national parks as it provides guests to this island with a far better experience.

3. Location

The luxury hotels are more than often linked to its setting. It might have a historical story of importance such as the Savoy in Yangon, the Amangalla in Sri Lanka, or the Governor’s Residence in Siem Reap. It could also have a fantastic rural location, like Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia or Amanoi in Vietnam. Properties, after all, are often backed by location, location, location.

4. Thoughtful and Stunning Designs

The top-rated luxury hotels around the world put great effort into making sure the designs of their buildings are perfect. For example, The Four Seasons Resorts feature rooms that imitate skillfully drawn formats, ensuring that your experience is always of the highest quality when you stay at one of these hotels. The Aman group is also well-known for ensuring each of their hotels matches up well to the surrounding environment, regardless of whether the hotel is located in the countryside or a city. The authentic luxury hotels will allow you to take in your overall destination through the surroundings, which enhances the local areas as opposed to looking misplaced.

5. A Travel Philosophy

The very best of the luxury holidays is backed by the travel philosophy of the provider. This might sound like advertising or marketing nonsense, but if you look into this you will start to understand that it provides the guiding principles on how holiday companies are able to deliver their experiences.

Soneva is a luxury resort that is focused on being ecologically friendly. You will not find any plastic on this island accommodation based in the Maldives. This country is already under threat with the sea levels that continue to rise and the stand against no plastic is an excellent illustration of the way responsible luxury and travel are combined.

The Belmond hotel group provides accommodation backed by character and history. When you stay in one of these hotels you will hear about the stories relating to the building and the site. Guests experience far more than only an establishment to stay in.

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