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Backpack for women who love to stay hands free while on the go

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Women are no longer trapped in the four walls of the house. They are rebellious and do not lag behind in any sector of the society. They are financially independent and seem to always be on their toes in order to fulfill their duties of daily life. Be it on the household or professional front, they are known to be organised and punctual. While commuting from one place to another and constantly taxing with time, the safety of their belongings is something that bothers them the most. Since purses, wallets and sling bags are not enough, convenient and spacious to accommodate all necessary belongings, the existence of a backpack for women has been a boon. 


Our top picks of backpack for women

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2. ESBEDA Dark Blue Solid Pu Synthetic Fabric Backpack – Buy Now

3. Baggit Women’s Backpack- Buy Now

4. Lino Perros Backpack- Buy Now

5. POLESTAR Vintage 32 L Casual Backpack- Buy Now

6. Auxter 36 liters Casual Backpack- Buy Now

7. TYPIFY Women’s Preppy Style Ribbon Backpack- Buy Now

8. MOCA MERMAID Magic BowKnot Sequins backpack- Buy Now

9. Alice Girls 3-PCS Fashion Cute Mini Leather Backpack- Buy Now

10. Women’s Faux Fur Mini Backpack- Buy Now

The wide range of backpacks for women serve differ purposes and do deliver what they claim. With the introduction of multiple branded wallets for women and a never ending list of handbags, backpacks are the most favourite piece of fashion accessory that helps them to stay hands free while on the go. 

In this article

1. Types of backpack

2. Backpack for women

– Casual and standard backpacks for women

– Cute Mini backpacks for women

– Branded backpacks for women

3. Benefits of using a backpack

4. Reasons to buy a backpack

Let’s go shopping without much ado! 

Be it day or night, women can easily dump their belongings or organise their stuff for utmost convenience with a backpack in their hands. A backpack for women is a necessity since they offer so much more to a woman who spends the majority of her time under the sun or moon. Since it is difficult to carry multiple bags at a time, backpacks crafted especially for women are the heroes who make the boogie task easier for them.

Types of backpack for women

There are a wide range of backpacks for women distinguished according to their style, type, structure, pattern and capacity. Snatch a glimpse of the best type of backpack for women and frolic around in a stress and hands free manner. 

1. Standard backpack

2. Leather backpack

3. Laptop backpack

4. Rucksack

5. Functional backpack

6. Rolling backpack

7. Drawstring backpack

These are the top 7 types of backpack for women. It is upto to you and your day to day schedule. Check on your everyday stuff and pick the right one for yourself without worrying about anything else. 

Here is the list of backpacks for women who are always on the go. We have handpicked them according to your requirements namely casual and standard backpacks, mini backpacks and branded backpacks. 

A. Casual and standard backpacks for women

1. TYPIFY Women’s Preppy Style Ribbon Backpack

This backpack serves you with a Korean design. TYPIFY Women’s Preppy Style Ribbon Backpack is stylish and large enough to hold a binder or laptop. You can easily segregate your belongings as this backpack comes in the right size and features adjustable straps. 

Why TYPIFY Women’s Preppy Style Ribbon Backpack?

It is made up from 100 percent eco-friendly polyester, high quality cotton lining and durable metal zippers. 


2. TYPIFY® Polyester Printed Waterproof Backpack

TYPIFY® Polyester Printed Waterproof Backpack is a perfect pick for daily use. With this backpack you can securely carry your daily essentials. No matter wherever you are heading to, it can be your companion for every hour of need. It is stylish and fashionable.

Why TYPIFY® Polyester Printed Waterproof Backpack? 

This is a backpack for women who wish style along with functionality. It is a perfect mid size backpack. It is crafted from the finest grade polyester and good quality inner fabric to ensure durability at its best.


3. INOVERA Girl’s Nylon Travel Waterproof Backpack

INOVERA Girl’s Nylon Travel Waterproof Backpack is an anti theft backpack.It has large capacity and multiple pockets. It is well designed so that you don’t have to leave behind your stuff due to insufficient space. 

Why INOVERA Girl’s Nylon Travel Waterproof Backpack? 

This backpack for women is extremely durable and crafted from soft synthetic leather and nylon fabric. It comes with a waterproof and anti-theft function to protect your electronics, books or even clothes.


4. Auxter 36 liters Casual Backpack

Auxter 36 liters Casual Backpack has multiple features to sort all your baggage problems. It has a convenient loop to hold and adjustable, breathable and decompressive straps. It has a mesh compartment in the interior to organise your stuff. 

Why Auxter 36 liters Casual Backpack?

This backpack has an air flow back panel and in the interior a mass storage compartment. It has bottle pockets at the side and padded with foam at the back and in the front. The extra carrying space of the backpack makes it a durable piece to carry it everyday. 


5.  POLESTAR Vintage 32 L Casual Backpack

POLESTAR Vintage 32 L Casual Backpack has multiple features like adjustable shoulder straps, top padded handles, premium leatherette fabric and easily accessible pockets. It has two large and one easy access chamber, a padded laptop compartment with elasticated strap locks in the inside. 

Why  POLESTAR Vintage 32 L Casual Backpack? 

This causal backpack is extremely functional and comes with an ergonomic design. It is a lightweight backpack featuring a padded breathable mesh back. The adjustable S curved shoulder straps also protects the backbone and help to relieve stress on shoulders. 


B. Cute Mini backpacks for women

1. MOCA MERMAID Magic BowKnot Sequins backpack

MOCA MERMAID Magic BowKnot Sequins backpack is a mini backpack. It has a back padding and sequined fabric that will help you to stay in trend with minimal efforts. The outer cover is made up from faux leather whereas the inner lining is of polyurethane. It has one utility compartment and two easily accessible pockets at the sides. 

Why MOCA MERMAID Magic BowKnot Sequins backpack? 

This bag is extremely mini. If you wish to carry minimum things like money, small water bottle, napkins, smartphone, earpods, etc. then this cute backpack is meant for you. 



2. Alice Girls 3-PCS Fashion Cute Mini Leather Backpack

Alice Girls 3-PCS Fashion Cute Mini Leather Backpack contains a ling bag, pouch and mini leather backpack that is simple, cute and everything feminine. The mini size and cat ear design makes it look fashionable, fresh and young. The design of the backpack and other two things will catch everyone’s eye. 

Why Alice Girls 3-PCS Fashion Cute Mini Leather Backpack?

The mini backpack comes with adjustable shoulder straps, triangle reinforcement, fashion accessory i.e is the fluffy ball and cute embroidery decoration. With polyester lining, this backpack set is durable and meant for everyday use. 


3. Women’s Faux Fur Mini Backpack

Women’s Faux Fur Mini Backpack is a cute rabbit ear satchel shoulder bag for women and girls. The plush soft bunny ear design catches everyone’s eyes. It is two adjustable straps and a zipper closure that keeps all your items safe and secure. 

Why Women’s Faux Fur Mini Backpack? 

This backpack is great for holding an ipad, mobile phones, cosmetics, coins and other small stuff. When you wish to stay minimalistic then this backpack will help you in holding your belongings in a cute and fashionable way. 


4. KLEIO Quilted Multifunctional Backpack And Sling Bag For Women

KLEIO Quilted Multifunctional Backpack And Sling Bag For Women is a stylish backpack that can also be used as a sling bag. It is made up from faux leather and has an attractive quilted design. The inside of the bag is made of polyester. The overall features of this backpack for women makes it sturdy.

Why KLEIO Quilted Multifunctional Backpack And Sling Bag For Women?

The shoulder strap of the backpack is adjustable. It has an organized interior with zip and slip pockets and water resistant lining. The backpack features a big compartment and two inner pockets. The zip closure ensures that your bag’s content stays secure. It also comes with a 6 months warranty for manufacturing defects. 


5. ASTIR COLLEEN Vegan Leather Women/Girls Sling Bag Cum Backpack

ASTIR COLLEEN Vegan Leather Women/Girls Sling Bag Cum Backpack has a 10 liter capacity. It comes with 3 pockets. The backstrap is removable as well as adjustable for utmost convenience. 

Why ASTIR COLLEEN Vegan Leather Women/Girls Sling Bag Cum Backpack? 

It is a stylist fashion accessory that is compact yet cute. This backpack complements most outfits and helps you to stay in trend. It can hold all the essentials that you’d need at hand wherever you go. Use it like a sling bag or a backpack wherever feasible. 


C. Branded backpacks for women

1. Caprese Women’s Whitney

Caprese Women’s Whitney is a premium faux leather backpack for women. The metal logo stands out and compliments the salmon colour of this backpack. It has spacious interiors and comfortable flat shoulder straps. It features an easy access back zip pocket, fold over flap with snap button and a drawstring closure.

Why Caprese Women’s Whitney? 

This backpack has a signatured branded lining to keep your belongings safe and secured. It is a modern must-have. The dual coloured compact design of this backpack makes it look extremely stylish and appealing. The bag also has an inner zipper pocket. In addition, this backpack is extremely durable and long lasting.


2. ESBEDA Dark Blue Solid Pu Synthetic Fabric Backpack

ESBEDA Dark Blue Solid Pu Synthetic Fabric Backpack comes with two zippers, 3 compartments and 5 pockets. It is a medium sized bag with maximum utility. It is a perfect everyday pick to store your essentials in an organised manner. 

Why ESBEDA Dark Blue Solid Pu Synthetic Fabric Backpack? 

This backpack brought by Esbeda is attractive and spacious. It is a brand on par with fashion movements and thus worth buying. This backpack for women managed to bag 4 out of 5 stars from the customer. 


3. Baggit Women’s Backpack

This backpack is stylish and a sassy backpack with multi pockets and pouches. It is made of rich and cruelty free material. With a spacious inner, this backpack is perfect to store all of one’s vitals. 

Why Baggit Women’s Backpack? 

This backpack comes along with easy to access pockets. It is indeed a cutie that is a must have for any urban fashionista. It is a tiny bag to store minimum things while on the go. 


4. Lino Perros Backpack

Lino Perros Backpack is a spacious backpack made from synthetic material. It is a timeless bag with an exemplary and unique design. This Lino Perros backpack stands a class apart. It is luxuriously made of premium material that renders durability and authenticity. It has a sleek look with the help of the top round design frame that makes it simple yet trendy. 

Why Lino Perros Backpack? 

This backpack offers contemporary design with premiumness well defined. With contemporary design, the backpack offers functionality. It has multiple compartments and spacious internal space that aids in keeping your essentials organised. It has an extremely comfortable shoulder carrying strap that makes it even more versatile.


Since you have made yourself aware of the types of backpack for women, it is also important for you to understand the benefits of using a backpack and ditching multiple handbags to get rid of red and sprained fingers. Wave a good bye to pain and welcome happiness!  

Benefits of using a backpack

When it comes to the benefits of using a backpack, the list is never ending. With the right bag and sassy look you can keep yourself in trend. A backpack will also make you feel young and trouble free. Why carry multiple bags when everything can be accommodated in one? Scroll below and check out the list of benefits that can help you make better purchasing decisions when it comes to a backpack. 

1. Convenience: Backpacks are convenient to carry and easy to organise. They enable you to carry your stuff with utmost security and safety. The load of your belongings is easily distributed on your shoulders and so they keep shoulder or back pain issues at bay. 

2. Hands free mobility: As the name “backpack” suggests, these bags are meant to be carried on the back. Since your shoulders help you to carry the load with utmost ease and safety, your hands are free allowing you to operate your smartphones and other impromptu tasks. 

3. Stay organised: A backpack for women has multiple compartments, zip closures and pockets so that there is a dedicated space for each of your belongings. With a backpack, you can easily locate the things at the need of the hour. Just delve into the backpack and what you need is in your hands. 

4. Durability: Backpacks are designed to be sturdy and rough. Due to the high load bearing capacity and superior quality material, a backpack becomes a durable piece of fashion. They have a longer lifespan if taken good care of. You can wash them if suggested as well as clean them at regular intervals with a wet cloth. In addition, storing them is also not a big deal. 

5. Spacious: With multiple pockets, compartments, zippers and side pockets, your backpack still provides you with some extra room for dumping in additional stuff. Depending upon your usage, you can pick a perfect sized backpack for everyday use. 

6. Safety: Since your backpack stays extremely close to you, it offers 100 percent safety and security. There are no chances of slipping of bags or theft. You can also walk, jog or run without bothering with the stuff that you choose to carry everyday. 

7.  Low maintenance: Backpacks are tough. They are not prone to mishaps. If at all your backpack needs a transformation, you can easily change the straps or zip of the bag in a budget friendly way. Unlike purses and handbags, they are not delicate and less prone to wear and tear. 

Reasons to buy a backpack

Are you still confused whether to bring home a backpack or not? Don’t think too much! Bring one straight away and take sure advantage of the features that a backpack comes with. Here are the reasons that will make you irresistible to buy the best backpack for women. 

1. No matter wherever you are heading to, it can be your companion for every hour of need.

2. Backpacks possess an anti-theft structure. 

3. It renders durability.

4. It serves you with extreme functionality.

5. It makes sure that you frolic around in utmost merriment.

6. They come in plenty of sizes to satisfy all of your expectations and needs while traveling everyday or occasionally.

7. Backpacks are also convertible to a sling bag. 

8. They are easy to store, clean and maintain. 

9. They ensure that you don’t miss out on any of your essentials at home.

10. They are a perfect pick for roadtrips, hiking, casual meetings, formal meetings and picnics. 

“ONE AND DONE” is the aim of a backpack for women. They provide a plethora of health benefits and ensure that you are not a victim of continuous hand and shoulder pain. Backpacks are a must have especially when you need to carry too many of the belongings. Rather than carrying bags of multiple sizes, dump your essentials in one and be trouble free. With a backpack in your bag closet, you can bid a forever adie to redness and sprained fingers. No more redness and no more shoulder pain after you bring home a backpack for once and all. 


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