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Bali Culinary Experiences with 5 Local Foods and Indonesian Restaurants

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Bali offers numerous ways to spend your holidays with a full meaning. It not always about the adventure to exploring some spots but also about Bali culinary experience. Tasting Indonesian or Bali local foods will be something spectacular in your life.  It is because the flavor or Indonesian foods is very unique. Sweet, spicy, and salty are the common tastes making shock whomever (foreigns) who try it in the first time. Do not allow skipping this experience because you will not find it in other places. Taste through the best restaurants in Bali. 

Amazing Bali Culinary Experience with tasting 5 Local Foods

Forget about your local food when you go on vacation although Bali has numerous Western and Asian restaurants. Try to customize your tongue with the presence of much oil, salt, chili, sugar, coconut milk, and other herbs. Bali culinary experience always feels amazing for each people who never taste before. Even, it has been being an interesting story after they come home. So, complete your holiday with trying these 10 Bali local foods:

  1. Ayam Betutu

Well, the name is Ayam betutu where Ayam means chicken. However, the main material is not always kampong chicken (Ayam kampung) but some people use the duck. This culinary is suitable for people who love spicy foods at a high level. Ayam betutu has a long process to cook so that it results in authentic savory, soft, and spicy. Firstly, the herb spices enter the chicken’s body and then the chef wrap it using a banana leaf. Afterward, the chef roasts it for  24 with embers of chaff before ready to eat. 

  1. Nasi Campur Bali 

If you stay here, you will be familiar or often meet rice because it is the staple food in Indonesia. They will say that they do not have breakfast, lunch, or dinner before eating rice. Nasi Campur Bali or Bali mixed rice is the next delicious local food that you must try. It is white rice with various kinds of side dishes. A place of nasi campur consists of some side dishes such as satay lilit, lawar, vegetable (urap), and Basa Genep seasonings. You might get it with the chicken skin, tomato, Ayam betutu, sambal, and so on.

  1. Sate lilit Bali

You might do not know about sate or satay in your hometown. This food is common in Indonesian and Bali has sate lilit. Sate lilit differs from other types because you will not meet it with the stick to stab the mean. Nevertheless, the food which will be your next Bali culinary experience uses a twist technique. By the way, lilit means twist so that the name is suitable for the food.

  1. Lawar Kuwir

Kuwir or entog is one of the poultry types where it resembles like the duck and swan. Lawar kuwir is suitable for Muslim tourists because the materials are halal. Halal is the label of food and beverage that signs those may to eat by Muslim people. Well, come back to lawar where it is a mixture of vegetables and the minced meat. Then, the people cook it using typical Bali seasoning to give a specific Bali culinary experience. 

  1. Serombotan

Serombotan resembles like a salad in abroad and urap in Javanese. Even though, it uses different seasoning and kinds of vegetables. Serombotan consists of spinach, long beans, round eggplant, bean sprouts, bitter melon, kale, and bean. Those put on a plate and then it gets “Kalas” is that a Balinese seasoning. Kalas comes from coconut milk, onion, garlic, galangal, turmeric, coriander, and kencur (Indonesian herb). It turns out serombotan still get a peanut sauce and spicy sauces.

5 Indonesian Restaurants in Bali with Local Food Menu

Besides those five local foods, you can try pork, Nasi Tepeng, Nasi Jinggo, Tipat Blayag, and others. They are ready to give an unforgettable Bali culinary experience and make you addicted. So, where do you can get those tasty foods? These are 5 Indonesian restaurants selling Bali local foods:

  • Poppies Restaurant

Seemly, only Indonesia which has fried rice or nasi goreng. This local food is available in all cities in Indonesia. So, you have to try it because the taste is very yummy. Make it as your new fantastic culinary experience in Kuta through Poppies Restaurant. In this restaurant, you can also try the fried noddle or mie Goreng. Find other Indonesian restaurants in Kuta for other local foods . 

  • Warung Nasi Lawar Sapi Odah

If you look for the best taste of lawar rice, come to Warung Nasi Lawar Sapi Odah in Sanur. Here, you will find many kinds of lawar with different meats. So, your Bali culinary experience for this food is extremely perfect. 

  • Bebek Bengil Restaurant

Bebek Bengil exists in Ubud and Nusa dua where it offers Bebek Betutu as its mainstay menu. 

  • Warung Martha Sari

The local restaurant in Jalan Pesinggahan, Tuban, Bali have delightful sate lilit.

  • Warung Wardani

The last recommendation is Warung Wardani in Jl. Yudhistira 2, Denpasar, Bali. Come here for the most delicious Nasi Campur. 

Believe it that they can give a magnificent Bali culinary experience that you never get before. You will not regret to taste them and more what to find others. Well, happy culinary trip!

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