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Bhubaneswar Travel Guide

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Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odhisha and is noted for its architecture and ancient shrines. Many people visit this place as it is one of the important Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage destinations. The famous Kalinga war which transformed the thoughts of Emperor Ashoka took place here and so this place has great historical importance.

The climate of Bhubaneswar falls under the tropical savanna type that has a climate range of 12 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius in summer season. Except hot summer, other months are suitable for tourist activities. There is an airport in Bhubaneswar from which regular flights fly to Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and other major cities. Bhubaneswar serves as the divisional headquarters of East Coast railways and so it has direct train service most of the cities of India.

Bhubaneswar is located on the route from Kolkata to Chennai and so it is easily accessible by road. To get around the city there are town buses, taxis and auto rickshaws. It is one of the three important cities of Odhisha that make the golden temple triangle of Eastern India. This is a religious center both for Hindus and Buddhists. This is also noted for its Oriya architecture.

Some of the famous temples are located in Old Town and other places of interest are Bindu Sarovar, Khandagiri and Udayagiri, Dauli Giri, Mukteshwara Temple, Rajarani Temple, Odisha State Museum, Krishna Balarama Mandir, Nandankanan Zoo and Museum of Tribal Art and Artifacts. The rock edicts of Dhauli are popular among the historians. The edicts belong to the 3rd century B.C. and the Shanti Stupa was built through the Indo-Japanese collaboration.

When you are at Bhubaneswar spend some time to enjoy the architecture of the ancient temples and modern buildings that are located in Sachivalaya Road. You can also take a short trip to the hills around the place that will give you good memories. There are so many lassi shops here that sell cool yoghurt drinks and are considered to be the best of their kinds and so do not forget to taste them.

The shopping enthusiasts may purchase pipli handicrafts, hand woven textiles, gemstone, paper mache mask and products with silver filigree works. For having your food, there are many good restaurants in Janpath area of Bapujinagar. Also you can find some fine vegetarian restaurants around railway station.

This is one of the greenest cities of India and has a clean look with proper dustbins in proper places. Also this is a peaceful city devoid of any violent activities. Some age old traditions are followed in the temples of this area and so it is better to be aware of them before entering those places. There are some getaways such as Chilika Lake, Bhitarkanika National Park, Rock city and Silk city that are located closer to this place which attracts tourists equally.

There is a variety of options available for staying ranging from budget hotels to star hotels. If you expect quality service then you should select those of 3 star category. Good hotels may be found in Janpath and Kalpana Square. Refer Bhubaneswar travel guide to know more about Bhubaneswar hotels and Bhubaneswar restaurants.

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