September 23, 2023


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HITEC Roundup with Lodging Magazine

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HITEC Roundup with Lodging Magazine

Catch up on the latest INTELITY news with CEO, Robert Stevenson

At the HITEC Orlando 2022 trade show, the Lodging Magazine team stopped by the INTELITY booth to speak with INTELITY’s CEO, Robert Stevenson. In this video, Robert discusses HITEC’s 50th celebration, the INTELITY platform, and announces the latest platform release.
To see the full conversation, watch the video below.

INTELITY is the industry leader in digital guest experience and staff management software. Our platform is used in over 60 countries around the world, by a variety of hotel types, including small brands, independent, resorts, boutiques, and casinos. We focus a lot on mobility and delivering a modern mobile experience for hotel guests. We offer digital workflow solutions for all the check-in permutation processes, from validating a guest’s ID, placing a card on file and providing a sharable digital room key, to room upgrades, through our INTELITY mobile app.

We also provide hotel guests with a great in-room and on-property digital experience. Wherever the guest is on the hotel property, our platform will stay connected with them to provide the digital experience they desire. Our INTELITY platform is great for luxury, upscale, and midscale properties that are seeking better solutions to elevate the modern hotel guest experience.

Also, we announced our fifth-generation platform, Platform Release 5. This cloud-based INTELITY platform manages guest and resident services and back-of-house operations in a number of hospitality verticals, all on one platform. To learn more about this announcement, please view the press release: Leading the Industry: INTELITY Announces Platform Release 5 at HITEC Orlando 2022.

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