September 22, 2023


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Hotel Tech Helps You Go Green- INTELITY

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Hotel Tech Helps You Go Green- INTELITY

Deploying in-room tablets and other hotel tech can greatly promote sustainable hospitality

From sustainable clothing to sustainable packaging to sustainable dining, more and more brands are continuing to do their part to protect our planet. And according to recent studies, today’s consumers appreciate it. Last year’s Global Sustainability Study found that 85% of consumers have become “greener” when it comes to their purchasing decisions in recent years. In fact, 63% of respondents said sustainability is an important purchase criterion when it comes to travel and tourism.

In recent years, many of the major airlines have announced plans to switch from traditional fossil-derived jet fuels to ones that are made from renewable sources. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has committed to stocking the newest car models, which are more efficient, including a wide selection of electric and hybrid vehicles. But it’s not just travel transport that can make a difference. Hotels can do their part as well. When it comes to sustainability in hospitality, hotel tech plays a major role. In-room tablets can reduce and even eliminate printed-out hotel marketing materials and room service menus, and mobile apps can eliminate plastic key cards.

Here are just a few ways hotel technology can help your property save the planet and promote sustainable hospitality.

Say Goodbye to Plastic Keys

Hotel mobile apps create an experience of the future for guests and also hold the key to sustainable hospitality. From mobile check-in and check-out to keyless entry, a hotel’s mobile app eliminates the plastic key cards that fill up hotel room garbage cans and, eventually, landfills. Not to mention, mobile apps eliminate the chance of a guest losing their key and needing a replacement or getting locked out altogether.

No More Printing

We all know how easy it is to waste paper, and printing off new marketing materials, announcements and property maps can be a daily necessity. While the information these materials hold is valuable, hotel mobile apps can deliver this information to guests virtually. With an app, guests can access important hotel information, maps and event information right from their pocket. For those who don’t download the app, in-room tablets can communicate must-know information and keep travelers up-to-date, while also promoting sustainable hospitality.

A New Way to Dine

The pandemic heavily changed the way we view menus at restaurants. QR codes handed to diners or taped to tables is now a regular occurrence across the country. And the same can be said for sustainability in hospitality. Uploading a room service menu to your hotel mobile app is an easy way for guests to access your most up-to-date offerings no matter where they are on the property and reduce your use of paper and ink. In-room tablets featuring room service menus offer the same seamless ordering experience, plus they allow staff to easily keep menus updated up-to-the-minute in case something sells out.

Sustainability in hospitality, like all other industries, is important to not only our planet, but the vast majority of today’s travelers. To learn more about how hotel tech can help your property go green, request a demo today.

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