September 21, 2023


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Irish woman wows by packing eight months of supplies into one bag in genius travel hack

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No matter how long or short, packing for a holiday can be a time consuming and costly task.

Many passengers worry that they may be forced to pay for extra baggage by bringing too much with them, but if they bring too little, they may run out of options to wear in unpredictable weather conditions.

However, one Irish travel blogger has gone viral on TikTok after she shared her genius way of packing that is sure to save you on extra baggage charges while also fitting lots more into your cases.

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Laura Horan took to the social media platform to share with her fans how she managed to pack eight months’ worth of supplies into a large backpack and two smaller ones.

In the hack, Laura uses packing cubes she purchased from Amazon to nearly pack over her clothes.

The packs allowed her to get rid of any bulky clothes as they were wrapped up tightly within the cube.

In just one cube, Laura was able to fit 23 tops, eight dresses, two skirts, two long bottoms and four shorts.

People were blown away by the amount of clothes the traveller could fit in just one cube, let alone a whole bag full of them.

Laura Horan
Laura Horan

One person commented: “Where did you get it? That’s so handy!”

To which Laura replied: “Amazon! It’s called Gonex compression packing cubes”.

A second wrote: “Actually very cool!”

While a third said: “i NEED ONE”.

Another said: “How do you avoid everything getting creased?”

Laura answered: “I honestly just packed clothes that don’t really crease”.

Passengers could stand to save up to €40 by using the hack as those flying with Ryanair are permitted to have two cabin bags, a 10kg bag and a handbag that can fit underneath the seat if they book as priority. This usually costs between €8 – €30 when booked online. If prebooked, a 10kg check-in bag costs between €12.99 – €23.99, and if charged at the airport, it can cost €23.99 – €35.99.

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