February 28, 2024


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Reading Strategies

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Reading is one of the best habits a person can ever cultivate. Books have always been “man’s best friends,” and, similarly, reading, the man’s best habit. It is observed that if people love reading, they rarely tend to get bored in their leisure time. The habit of reading provides entertainment and a pool of knowledge. There are a number of people who do not like reading and often regard it as boring. The main reason for this is that most people do not follow the right reading strategies, which makes reading a boring process. There are various reading strategies that could be followed to make the reading process interesting and help in improving reading skills.

One of the most commonly used reading strategies involves highlighting key words and phrases in a text and explaining them, with marginal notes. This proves to be an effective strategy, mainly for students, which promotes their reading skills. It also provides them with various useful acronyms that can help them to remember different sections of the text. There are various anticipation guides that can be used as pre-reading strategies. These guides are good options to engage students in thought and discussion about the different ideas and concepts that they would encounter. There are four main comprehension strategies that must be taken into consideration. These include predicting, questioning, clarifying and summarizing, and they help readers to understand the text better.

It is important to follow certain reading strategies, as they help readers to make sense out of difficult texts. They also help the readers to think aloud, by analyzing the texts and responding to them in the form of an interpretive thesis. Reading is a productive activity and it improves a person’s conversational skill. The activity promotes creative writing and an increase in vocabulary.

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