July 18, 2024


For splendid leisure

Return to a time when sexy videogames built you sort: Leisure Go well with Larry is now free of charge

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If you have in no way played Leisure Fit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, nicely, the reality is that it’s probably too late now. What seemed risque in 1987 would not raise an eyebrow currently, and although no specific illustrations leap right away to intellect I am fairly confident that there are at the very least a couple of jokes in there that have not aged effectively.

However, it is a landmark videogame—one of the groundbreaking adventures that recognized Sierra as a powerhouse in the early days of Computer gaming—and so if you have by no means played it but sort of want to, now you can leap in without having expending a penny courtesy of a giveaway at Indiegala.