September 26, 2023


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Suwitmuaythai of Muay Thai for Fitness at Phuket Island is a Must!

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Everyone loves the joy and fun that comes with holidays. But when it comes to choosing a holiday destination, many people falter. 

Thailand is the ultimate destination for effective and enjoyable holidays. With a world-renowned sport that offers fitness and weight loss benefits, people from all over the world travel to Thailand to enroll in Muay Thai. 

Muay Thai is a mixed martial arts sport that helps health-conscious people build their fitness, health, and achieve weight loss benefits. 

A holiday in Thailand does not end at a Muay Thai training camp where you will learn to throw punches, dodge, and kick. There are also beautiful landscapes, festivals, religious temples, markets, and other places in this region. 

When you choose to spend a weekend or an entire holiday in Thailand, you can sign up at a Muay Thai training gym where you will build stamina, fitness, and enjoy good health. 

The camp has several instructors who will teach you the spirit of Muay Thai and how to get the best health improvement from it. 

When you make a trip to Thailand, you will enjoy a perfect weather walking along the beautiful island of Phuket. 

Here’s Why You Should Consider a Trip to Thailand 

One integral part of your trip to Thailand is the practice of Muay Thai. When you spend your trip training Muay Thai in Thailand, you develop new skills, enjoy better health, and focus. Here are some benefits if practicing Muay Thai in Thailand 

  • You learn self-defense techniques that can keep you safe 
  • You achieve fitness and weight loss goals 
  • You get to meet Muay Thai experts and champions 
  • When you aren’t training, you admire the beautiful beaches, markets, and other sites in Thailand. 
  • You can experience authentic Thai culture and practice, including great cuisines and other forms of entertainment. 

Here’s what your Muay Thai holiday itinerary involves 

The standard Muay Thai training Such as Suwitmuaythai gym takes place twice daily and goes on for 6 out of 7 days in a week. Each training session lasts between 1 and a half and two hours of intense and challenging activities. 

In between your morning and evening activities, you can spend the afternoon admiring phuket island, attending events, or getting a massage at a poolside. 

Regardless of this schedule, you can create a unique schedule that fits you and your needs when opting for one of the available training packages. 

Many Muay Thai holiday camps in Thailand have similar schedules that involve stretching, bodyweight exercises, learning technique, punching the bag, etc. 

Although Muay Thai training at a fitness camp isn’t easy, it is an interesting challenge that offers lost of benefits and rewards when you overcome and get used to the practice. 

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert, Muay Thai experts from Suwit Muay Thai are interested in teaching you the sport that they love so much. Almost all the camps you will visit are open to beginners and teach you all you should know when beginning the journey to fitness through Muay Thai. 

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