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The Top 7 Melbourne Attractions

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Why do experienced travelers say Melbourne, when inquired about their favorite city? Because it is a city for love, romance, coffee, culture, and what not! In fact, it is considered the all-rounder in Australia. If you are a budding traveler, you would love to find a few top attractions that you want to visit once you reserve plane tickets to Melbourne Australia. But before you reserve, it is better to read this article. In this article, you will find the top 7 Melbourne attractions that travelers shouldn’t miss visiting. This is a lively city and you wouldn’t regret visiting it, so start scanning for cheap flight tickets to Melbourne. Let us read!

1. Even if you aren’t a Catholic visit St. Paul’s Cathedral

Most travelers visit here even if they are not a Catholic because they get to adore the architecture- Gothic Revival! When you visit here you would feel amazing so this is worth the search for last minute flights to Melbourne. If you have been having a hectic time, you should visit this location to release your worries and pressure. The grand building is ideal to snap pictures because the interior will leave everyone in awe-gaze.

2. Every animal lover’s spot, Werribee Open Range Zoo

This place has grabbed a lot of attention than any other attractions in the city. Mainly, you would find unique wildlife which you cannot find elsewhere. You would be able to enjoy the realistic views because the zoo does its best to provide the best experience to the visitors. You are blessed with the chance to walk around. But many maunders on the safari tour, so don’t forget it.

3. If you adore difference, you should visit The Dandenong Ranges

This is an attraction you should include to your list without a miss! This is Victoria’s itinerary. You will witness lovely tracks, small towns, charming shops, and many other things. This is a perfect getaway if you are craving for natural beauty. S

4. To get everything in one place, consider City Circle Tram (CCT)

If you reach the service of CCT you would get to enjoy everything in one place. You will witness the must-visits with the services of CCT. Melbourne Aquarium, Museum, and Old Melbourne Gaol are few of them! So if you are looking to book cheap flights to Melbourne, you should do it.

5. Something that never outdates is Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens

This attraction is just art that you cannot stop praising. Despite the seasons, you would definitely find a wide array of plants to enjoy watching. You also take part in tours in this world’s finest botanical garden.

6. The perennial love for history, National Gallery of Victoria

To spice up the journey, you should visit this art gallery. You wouldn’t find these collections elsewhere because they are unique and impressive. This attraction proves how beautiful human minds can be.

7. Die-hard cricket fan’s choice would be The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

This is a place of nostalgia. One of the attractions that celebrate the history of sports. You would find many events that happened at this ground. This stands an icon for Australian sports. This place manages to attract visitors like it always did!

How to reach Melbourne

The Tullamarine is a famous modern international airport. This is connected to major cities as well as domestic destinations. So, once you are at the airport you would be able to book a taxi to travel to your desired destination.

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