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12 Best Car Travel Beds: Portable Options for Trips

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Your road trip vacation can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have a comfortable bed that will give you quality sleep. If you are a seasoned traveler, you understand how crucial choosing the best travel bed means. There are different types, and what you buy depends on many factors.

This article focuses on the best travel beds. Whether a camper or a traveler, car air beds and mattresses make your trip convenient.

Before we unveil the list of top car air beds, there is something you need to know. They include the reasons for buying an air bed and factors to consider. Let’s dive in!

Why Buy a Car Travel Bed?

car travel beds

Car air mattresses come with many advantages. Regardless of the intended purpose, your air bed is likely to benefit you in the following ways:

Cost-effective and convenient

Many travelers spend hundreds of dollars to book a bed space in a hotel. But what if you don’t have that much to spend or cannot just access such hospitality services? Your seat car bed will come to your aid.

You can simply turn your car into a cozy bedroom and have a goodnight of sleep. Just find the best spot to park your car to enjoy your night without worries.

Better Camping Experience

Car air beds are great for a better camping experience. Inflatable mattresses are easy to pack and become crucial on the campsite. If you have an air pump, inflating them takes a few minutes, and you have a bed ready.  

A car seat air mattress is also raised above the ground. So, you won’t catch a cold even if you go camping when the weather is not friendly.

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Great for Kids and Pets

If you are a traveler who never leaves kids and pets behind, car mattresses should be the first thing to pack. Most of them feel comfortable with quality sleep. Their softness makes them your kid and pet’s favorite.

Doubles Safe Package for Transporting Fragile Items

Did you know that air mattresses can act as shock absorbers just like inflatable pillows? If you want to transport anything fragile such as glasses, the safest way is to wrap them inside an air bed. Regardless of the road condition, they should get to the destination in one piece.

How To Choose a Quality Car Travel Bed

Choosing Travel car bed

Whether on a business trip or pleasure travel, a car air bed may be what you need. Fortunately, there are many brands and models in the market to choose from. But that can also be disadvantageous if you don’t know what to look for when choosing a car inflatable bed.   

In consolidating this list of air beds for cars, we considered the following factors:

Car Travel Air Bed Material

Car air beds are made from different materials, and not all of them will give you the best experience. The best inflatable car beds are made of PVC. This is the best material of choice because of its waterproofing ability. It can also withstand many cycles of inflating and deflating, and hence, durable.

Some manufacturers use polyesters or oxford cloths, which also look good on a car air bed and are durable.

Car Air Bed Features

Like any other item you buy in the market, you should consider the features of any air bed for cars before buying. They vary in design, size, color, and extras. Let’s explain how each affects your buying decision.

  • Design: The most basic vehicle bed is a rectangular body and two legs to support it when erected on the car’s back seat. However, this is often not ideal for many travelers and campus. You can also go for an air bed with detachable sections that can be inflated independently. That way, you don’t have to worry about the size of your car.
  • Size: Air beds for cars come in various sizes. You should know the width of your vehicle before buying the best travel bed for car. If you own an SUV, go for an SUV travel bed. The bottom line is not to buy too big or too small car travel air beds.
  • Cover: Most vehicle air mattress manufacturers use PVC plastic material. This can often produce an uncomfortable odor. So, consider inflatable car beds with one. The cover seals the smell and makes the air bed more comfortable.
  • Pillows: Some car air mattresses come with two inflatable pillows. That is the type of seat bed you should go for if you travel as a couple or if you like pillows to support your head.
  • Air pump: car air mattresses are useless if you don’t have an air pump to inflate them. Some brands come with air pumps to allow you to pump air into your car airbed at will. They are a better option since buying them one by one can be expensive.

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Ease of Use

This should have been the first factor to consider when buying a vehicle air mattress. It should be easy to inflate and fit both the front and back seats.

Intended Purpose

You may not know what some of your car trips will turn into. But if you know what or how you will use an inflatable airbed, go for what meets your needs.

Campers may stress more about the waterproofing ability of their sleeping bags. If that’s you, you don’t want to end up with damp cloth when you wake up in the morning, do you?

Also, you may just need a car travel med made of heavy-duty materials if it will not be used only in your car. Campsites may be rough, but it is no excuse to have a punctured bed.

Car Bed Inflation and Deflation Time

Air mattresses for most cars inflate and deflate quickly. That is the property you should be looking for. While inflation time depends on the air pump you will be using, you should not accept a car travel air bed that takes hours to deflate.

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List of the Best Car Bed for Travel

Your road trips should be memorable, but that is only possible if you have the best car travel air bed. After a careful examination of different brands in the market, we have come up with the following list:

1. KingCamp Car SUV Inflatable Back Seat Air Mattress

KingCamp Car SUV Inflatable Back Seat Air Mattress with Air Pump and 2 Pillows

This car air mattress is designed to make your long road trip enjoyable. You no longer have to book expensive rooms in motels whenever you travel when you buy this inflatable bed. It turns your car into a comfortable bed. Even if you have kids, it is spacious and lovely. It is also pet-friendly.

The KingCamp is a multifunctional car air mattress. You can use it inside your car or carry it with you for outdoor use when camping. It also comes with two inflatable pillows that make you feel relaxed and comfortable for a quality deep sleep.

This product is skin-friendly, easy to clean, waterproof, and anti-slip. These properties make it one of the best car air mattresses to consider. It also comes with an air pump.

2. Onirii Upgraded Back Seat Inflatable Bed

Onirii Upgraded Back Seat Inflatable Bed

The Onirii Upgraded Back Seat Inflatable is the ultimate comfort any traveler can ask for. It is one of the best car travel beds in the market that also gives you the best value for your money.

It comes as a set consisting of one car air mattress with back support, 2 air pillows, 2 air foot piers, and one travel neck pillow. This product is also equipped with an electric air pump powered by your car.

By design, the Onirii Upgraded Back Seat Inflatable features a double-layer air nozzle. This ensures the bed remains inflated throughout the night as air can only move in one direction. You can also deflate it quickly when it is time to go.

Like the first car air mattress mentioned, this airbed is also multifunctional. You can be used indoors and outdoors. And since it is waterproof, it can be your best friend if you like swimming or surfing.

3. WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress

Double-sided flocking airbed and air pump

If you have a few more dollars on your budget for an air mattress, WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress is worth considering. It is a bit of an upgrade from the inflatable care beds we have listed.

WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress is made of high-standard material and features an exquisite design for comfort. It is made of a 58P PVC material, cold-resistant 25-degree, composite breathable double-sided surface layer polymer.

This airbed is soft to the touch, stable against pressure, adaptable to different weather conditions, portable, and multifunctional. This futureproof inflatable SUV airbed also comes with a pump that you easily plug into the cigarette lighter socket of your car.

4. HIRALIY Inflatable Car Mattress

Car air mattress with electric air pump 2 air pillows

HIRALIY Inflatable Car Mattress is a cost-effective option for you if you want to buy a car bed for travel. It is also ideal for camping and other adventures.

HIRALIY Inflatable Car Mattress is made of three layers of wear-resistant PVC and oxford material. Once inflated, you don’t have to worry about leakages. It can retain air all night or until you deflate it yourself.

The airbed comes with a 12-volts electric motor that easily plugs into the cigarette power socket of your car. It inflates in under 5 minutes, and deflation is a breeze if you need to. It is an easy-to-use car air mattress ideal for long road trips, camping, or hiking.

5. OLIVIA & AIDEN Inflatable Car Air Mattress

Car air mattress with electric air pump, travel pillows and storage carry bag

OLIVIA & AIDEN Inflatable Car Air Mattress is another cost-effective vehicle bed you can consider. It is designed for comfort when sleeping in your car, truck, or SUV. Regardless of the nature of your trip, this mattress will suffice.

This product has a unique design that makes it suitable as a bed in cars. It stays flat on the back seat by completely filling the space between the back and front seats.

OLIVIA & AIDEN Inflatable Car Air Mattress is crafted with long-lasting PVC material. This is made breathable for maximum comfort. You can also put it to other uses such as camping, hiking, festivals, etc.

Like all other car air mattresses on this list, it comes with an electric pump that plugs into the lighter socket for easy inflating.

6. HAITRAL Car Bed

Car inflatable mattress with inflator or deflator, handbag, inflatable pillows and nozzle

HAITRAL Car Bed is one of the most affordable car travel beds on this list. It will help you save by not overspending on a costlier brand when you can get almost the same comfort with this one.

HAITRAL Car Air Bed is ideal for adults, kids, or pets. It is designed to ensure the comfort of anyone who sleeps on it. This car air mattress guarantees a relaxed trip and memorable outdoor activities such as camping.

HAITRAL Car Bed fits most saloon cars, SUVs, MPVs, and other body types. However, it is not for you if you drive a lengthened Lincoln, truck, or minibus.

7. Hikotor Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

 Car air mattress with air pump, gas nozzle, two pillows and receiving bag

This is the best choice for truck drivers on long trips. The unit comes with earplugs, a sleep mask, and detachable pillows. It is big enough to fit in most trucks and SUVs. You will get just the best bed space you need for comfortable sleeping.

Hikotor Car Travel Inflatable Mattress features a new design of subsections that can be inflated independently. That feature makes this air car mattress versatile compared to regular air mattresses.

This product is the best choice of a car travel bed for you if you are a truck owner or you want to travel as a family with kids. It also features a supportive feature for your spine, making it a go-to for travelers that experience back pain.

8. ZAIJH Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed

Car travel inflatable air mattress

ZAIJH Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed is great for camping, festivals, surf trips, and other adventures. When inflated, it lies flat on the back seat of the car. You will be amazed by the comfort you get.

Make your road trips more fun with a budget-friendly airbed like this. Even if you travel with your kid, you don’t have to worry about where you will spend the night. Your car will be effectively turned into a cozy room.

ZAIJH Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed is recommended for travelers working on a tight budget. Campers who want something more comfortable than a camping mat can also consider it.

9. SAYGOGO SUV Air Mattress

SUV air mattress with filler for back seat, air pump kits and carry bag

What we really love about this car airbed are the cushion pillows. This airbed is functional and lets you sleep in your car in style.

It is designed with six airbags, making it one of the most versatile choices of car travel air beds. You can use it at home in your garden, yard, or balcony. And if it is time for a road trip, you can quickly fold it and put it in the trunk.

SAYGOGO SUV Air Mattress is built with sturdy material, giving it a weight capacity of up to 3 people without air leak problems. It also feels comfortable and easy to inflate and deflate.

10. VaygWay Inflatable Car Air Mattress

Inflatable car air mattress and 4 car models

VaygWay Inflatable Car Air Mattress provides an affordable option for SUVs and trucks. This back seat car travel air bed comes with two pillows and an electric air pump for inflating on the go.

It is comfortable, easy to use, and made of quality material. The material used is a washable, soft PVC that ensures durability.

This car travel inflatable bed has many uses apart from your car. Your adventures are also covered.

11. QDH SUV Air Mattress-Thickened Car Bed

Blue Inflatable car air mattress, air pump, socket and example of use in the car

QDH SUV Airbed is made of high-quality, thick flocking PVC, making it skin-friendly and comfortable. Even if you plan to bring your kid or pet along, they will sleep well.

It features an anti-drop design to protect your kit or pet from rolling down even when driving. Additionally, it has a head’s anti-collision feature to prevent you from hitting your head against the car.

QDH SUV Airbed is resistant to wear and tear, easy to use, and meets multiple needs. It can fit SUVs, MPVs, saloon cars, and more! You can also put it on the grass at a campsite without worrying about everything getting damp.

12. Haomaomao SUV Inflatable Car Bed

Example of use and design illustration of Inflatable car bed with pillows

This vehicle travel bed is designed for versatility. Its six separate chambers make it fit many different SUV models. Unlike back seat airbeds, this one is placed on the trunk of an SUV after folding the back seats. You get enough space for two adults and a kid.

Haomaomao SUV Inflatable Car Bed is comfortable. It adopts a corduroy cover surface that remains soft and warm regardless of the prevailing weather. It also comes with an automatic air pump for quick inflating.

This inflatable bed does not leak, even if loaded to maximum weight-bearing capacity. You will enjoy your night undisturbed till morning.

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