September 21, 2023


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A guide on joining the Frequent Flyer Program

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As someone that uses the US airline frequently, you might be interested in knowing that there is a Frequent Flyer Programme or FFN, also referred to as the Frequent Flyer Number, in place for a customer just like yourself. However, you might feel uncertain as to how it would work and if it would be beneficial for you as an individual, as it does have its limitations; therefore, reading reviews from previous frequent flyers on sites such as 80eighty reviews would give you some form of an advantage in knowing the pros and cons of joining such a program. In addition, when you travel a lot, there are some information and guides you can follow. Moreover, it is highly suggested that you research sites such as these acclimate yourself to the ins and outs of such a scheme. Additionally, when you know everything you need, you can choose your benefits as a loyal customer to one or several airlines in the US or globally. 

What is the term Frequent Flyer Program?

There are several benefits of belonging to an airline’s frequent flyer program; for example, the awards include free tickets for every mile you accumulate as well as additional benefits such as food and beverage perks and upgrades from economy class to more executive seating. Henceforth, Frequent Flyer Programmes are given to loyal flyers that frequently use the services of a specific airline or airline in total. Thus, being extremely beneficial to people traveling more regularly, and it encourages passengers to acquire and accumulate points, in other words, rewarding you for each flight and mile you fly with them. In conclusion, several other benefits are a given and would be discussed later in detail; however, the summary is perfect in saying that when flying frequently, there needs to be some form of reward for supporting one or more airlines. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Firstly, there are free checked bags for each flight taken, which would be beneficial in terms of savings and for further accumulation of points or rewards
  • Secondly, there is a broader selection of flights or seats that you can book with award-winning flights with the mile you have saved up.
  • In addition, there is also the perk of priority boarding, which no flying passenger would like to ignore and who would love to appreciate.
  • Next is excellent and enhanced customer service in terms of support when booking your next flight for whichever reason, whether for business or pleasure.
  • Finally, there are complimentary upgrades from one class to another higher one, such as from economy to executive, depending on the miles and rewards you have saved up in your capacity. 

Perks and downfalls

As with everything in life, there are always perks and some downfalls, and with Frequent Flyer points, this is also the case. Hence, the fact that all the extras have been covered in some shape or form, there is also the downfall aspect that needs to be protected; for example, you might not always be able to earn a discount or free flight at your desired time or date of departure, thus, for people using this program as a benefit for using it for business trips taking place frequently, such as weekly or monthly, this beneficial aspect of frequent flyer miles, would be an advantage, therefore, as discussed before, do your research thoroughly, beforehand. And then go ahead, and enjoy this significant aspect of frequently flying with some bonuses. 

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