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Bhopal Travel Guide – Visit The Lake City

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Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and this is noted for its artificial lakes and so it is called the City of Lakes. There are many educational institutions and corporate organizations located at this place that have increased the importance of the city. It became famous all over the world after the Bhopal disaster in 1984. The emanation of the deadly gas from the pesticide manufacturing Union Carbide India Limited company took the lives of thousands of people. This is one of the worst industrial disasters of the world.

Bhopal has cool and dry winters and hot summer. The humidity level of the city remains high throughout the year. There are two beautiful big lakes in the city, Upper Lake and Lower Lake which are together called the Bhoj Wetland. The Van Vihar National Park in Upper Lake attracts many tourists.

The visitors could reach Bhopal through air at the Raja Bhoj Airport located in the suburb of the city. It is well connected with all major Indian cities. The four lane road connects the airport with the main city. The railway of Bhopal is one of the well developed ones in the country with Bhopal Junction Railway Station being the prominent one. There are other small railway stations here namely Habibganj Railway Station, Misrod Railway Station, Mandideep Railway Station, Sukhsewanagar and Bairagarh. NH 12 and NH 86 pass through Bhopal connecting it with major neighboring cities. The interstate bus terminus near Habibganj station and the Kushabhau Thakre Inter State Bus Terminal are the two important bus stations here.

Bhopal is noted for some religious places like Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Kalighat, Gufa Mandi and Mahavir Giri. The Regional Science Center, Manav Sanghralay, Kerwa Dam, Van Vihar National Park, Shahpura Lake, Lal Parade Ground are some of the places of interest in Bhopal. One of the main cultural centers of the city is Bharat Bhavan and it has an art gallery and open air amphitheatre. It is situated just opposite to the Upper Lake and houses a tribal museum also. It is one of the important tourist attractions of Bhopal.

The cuisine of Bhopal is mild and less spicy and has its own taste. Some of the varieties are Bhopali Murgh Rezala, Paneer Rezala, Murgh Hara Masala Rice and Murgh Nizami. Chewing of paan is one of the cultures of the city and so many paan shops are seen around. Other delicacies of this soil are chicken tikka, ras malai and kebabs. There are many Bhopal restaurants that serve exquisite non-vegetarian dishes. Also restaurants serving continental, Indo-Chinese and American varieties are there in the city.

Apart from budget hotels and star hotels there are some grand heritage hotels in Bhopal wherein the palaces and residences of Mughal era were converted into modern hotel. Jehan Numa Palace hotel and Noor Us Sabah hotel are some notable examples of these types. They have very limited number of rooms but will give you an aristocratic feel. So rely on a good Bhopal travel guide to select the best Bhopal hotels and Bhopal restaurants.

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