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Dive into Longer Days with Pool Chemicals Direct – Hotel Magazine

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Dive into Longer Days with Pool Chemicals Direct – Hotel Magazine

With sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way, there is nothing better than a refreshing dip in sparkling cool water after a long day in the sun. That is why hotel swimming pools are often a focal point around which many vacations are based. So, how do hotels that count so much on their pools to provide their guests with great holiday fun and memories, ensure they are maintained clean and pristine?

Established in 2013, Pool Chemicals Direct has an extensive background in pool valet and maintenance services, offering customers nationwide only the best products for a sparkling pool all year round. From pool and spa chemicals and accessories to equipment, you can have it all conveniently delivered to your doorstep at a click of a button.

Hotel pools and spas are larger and used more than a private pools – perhaps hundreds of hotel guests a day. To cope with the higher demand and resist wear and tear, the pool must not only align with the hotel’s aesthetic but also be fit for purpose. According to many studies, hotel pools set the stage for nearly one-third of reported recreational waterborne illnesses (RWIs). As a potential host to a wide range of disease-causing microorganisms lurking in the water, enforcing a strict maintenance plan is vital to keep the pool clean and safe for your guests.

Pool Chemicals Direct provides an extensive range of high quality cost-effective swimming pool chemicals to help keep your pool and spa clean and healthy, including chlorine granules, bromine pills, trichlor tablets,  multitabs, pH increase, decrease and buffer, algaecides, clarifiers, and specialty chemicals. These not only help kill germs and prevent the spread of bacteria but also keep your pool crystal clear, stops corrosion and scaling of equipment, and protect against unsightly algae or foam growth. Most people think all pool chemicals are the same, and it does not matter where you buy them – think again.

Quality matters and quality is what you will get at Pool Chemicals Direct. Low-quality pool chemicals are often diluted and less effective, which may lead to more money and time spent to achieve the results you want and need. Bad quality pool chemicals and their byproducts also pose many dangers, including potential health risks, such as bacterial infection, chemical burns, skin irritation and respiratory problems, as well as damage to the pool’s architecture.

Another critical factor in the upkeep of your pool’s water quality and maintenance is circulation, which is highly dependent on the efficiency of your equipment. For example, the pool pump is the soul and heart of a pool. It moves water around and passes it through a filtration system, ultimately cleaning it and helping distribute chemicals evenly throughout the pool for more thorough sanitation. Pool Chemicals Direct offers a wide range of equipment, including pool pumps, cleaners, filters, chlorinators, and pool swim jet systems. Depending on the size of the pool, your pool will need a variety of equipment to keep it properly maintained.

A pool is an investment, it only makes sense to care for it properly, and Pool Chemicals Direct is here to help you save time and money with high-quality pool chemicals, equipment and accessories at great prices.

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