July 18, 2024


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Host Company Critiques Presents Sneak Peek at Travel Advisor Survey Facts

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A sneak peek at Host Agency Reviews’ (HAR) once-a-year journey advisor study reveals glimmers of hope for the field. A key spotlight: The greater part of travel advisors intend to go back to advertising vacation as a key supply of money.

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In accordance to HAR’s preliminary details, 29 percent of respondents described they stopped selling travel as a primary resource of money during COVID. Of all those, 74 p.c indicated that they intend to go again offering as a major resource of earnings. Nineteen per cent claimed that they ended up uncertain, but just seven p.c claimed they will not go again to offering vacation whole time.

HAR’s study located other tendencies, way too. The 2021 study discovered that of the advisors who did not charge service fees in 2020 several will commence to. Thirty-five p.c claimed they will put into action costs in the upcoming 12 months. Common booking costs have been $4,334, and 65 % of the advisors who finished HAR’s survey were hosted.

For the first time, HAR asked travel advisors if they switched hosts. Conclusions confirmed that advisors ended up mainly faithful to their host companies. Preliminary info indicated that 11 percent of hosted advisors noted switching hosts in 2020. Most of those advisors that did change did so through COVID, at 65 p.c. Apparently, nevertheless, HAR found that zero mentioned COVID as an explicit explanation for earning the change.

HAR will release the comprehensive benefits during the month of September.

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