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October Horoscope 2022: The Best—and Worst—Times to Travel This Month, According to Your Sign

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Most of October is characterized by planets buzzing through the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, drawing focus to your work, finances, and profession. If you’ve been considering switching things up in your career, October is a great time to workshop ideas, gain insights from others, and get the mental ball rolling. It’s bound to be busy with the work you’re already doing as well, so be sure you’re getting adequate rest to balance it all. On October 25, a Scorpio solar eclipse brings your attention to your friends, community, and network, sparking a brand new cycle in the groups of people you associate with. This could be great for new collaborations and creative projects with others, but no need to rush into it. The Mars retrograde that begins on October 30 signals some potential challenges in that arena over the following two months, so it’s important to proceed with new connections with plenty of clear communication. Lastly, Jupiter returns to Pisces from October 27 to December 20, re-igniting a desire to connect with your locality. November and December would be fun months for you to take a road trip or another semi-local excursion, especially if it involves hot springs or a jacuzzi.

Aquarius Rising

Get excited for a busy one as October brings a mix of social, creative, and slightly chaotic energy all month. As the month begins, the Sun and Venus move through air sign Libra while Mars inches through Gemini, all three sending support to Saturn in Aquarius. This creates a pattern that facilitates ease in the flow of communication, mental connections, creativity, and inspiration. October presents excellent moments for creative breakthroughs and positive connections with others, especially in travel. If you find yourself away from home this month, find opportunities to enjoy the arts wherever you are. Art museums, galleries and exhibitions, concerts, performances, and even checking out street art will do the trick. Additionally, a softened, seasoned new perspective is exactly what you need right now after a year of continued endurance and perseverance. 

The start of the month is also a great time to book trips for the future, and March 2023 looks like a fun time to travel. An Aries full moon on October 9 draws you into your local space even more, inviting you to get more intimate with your surroundings through your body. The weekend of October 7 to 9 is great for short-distance travel of all kinds including bike trips, marathon training, long walks, and scenic drives. Invite a loved one along to soak up the last bits of nice weather. Later in the month, a solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25 shifts your focus to your career, reputation, and public image. While you’ve been considering ways to switch things up in this regard for a while now, this eclipse represents a point of no return, allowing you to start fresh in new professional endeavors. Of course, nothing happens overnight. Mars stations retrograde on October 30 until January 13, signaling a period of contemplation and strategy in regards to your career path. Have you ever considered a writing retreat or a painting class in a nearby city? It’s an excellent time to start learning a new creative skill that might apply to where you’re hoping to end up in the future.

Pisces Rising

It’s time to slow down and start some long-term planning for the future: October presents you with opportunities to start clearing up some mental and emotional confusion that has left you feeling stuck for a while now. Planets moving through air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius help facilitate conversations that you’ve been wanting and needing, clearing the air and putting words to your feelings. Don’t be afraid to lean on your support system during this time (you know, that friend who says you can always call but you never take up on the offer—call them), and consider investing in therapy if you haven’t already. It’s a perfect time to deepen any one-on-one relationships by allowing others to support you in times of need. You don’t always have to be the caretaker; it goes both ways. Mutual reciprocity is the goal—so if for example, a friend lends a helping hand or ear to vent to, offering to buy them dinner or taking them out to a show would be a way of creating balance. 

An Aries full moon on October 9 draws your attention to your finances. This could be a good time to put down a deposit on a big vacation or splurge on that new ski gear. Your financial independence is something you pride yourself on, and your ways of managing that will be up for review when Mars goes retrograde from October 30 through January 13. Before that though, on October 25 a Scorpio solar eclipse marks the beginning of a new relationship with travel, beliefs, and perspectives. Have you been entertaining thoughts of relocating to another country, or even learning a new language? The Mars retrograde also underscores these thoughts and gives you plenty of time to consider new ways of living based on other cultures you’ve experienced. What would it be like to uproot your life and start over somewhere new?

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