September 24, 2023


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Party Season Approaches and NZ Needs an Army of Hospo Workers – Hotel Magazine

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Party Season Approaches and NZ Needs an Army of Hospo Workers – Hotel Magazine

According to Barcats, New Zealand’s bustling pubs, restaurants, cafés, and hotels are in critical need of a 30,000-strong army of new recruits this summer, to prevent venues closing their doors for up to three days a week, and offering limited menus to diners, who may have to wait up to 25 percent longer for their meals.

In what is shaping as the biggest season for socialising since the Millennium, the 2022-23 summer marks the first time in three years most New Zealanders will be out of hibernation and ready to party.

However, the hospitality industry is facing a national worker shortage as it rebuilds after the covid pandemic.

“The hospitality industry in New Zealand is worth $10.7 billion, and right now, it is time to call in the reinforcements because if we are any chance of seeing hospitality soar this summer, we need support,” Barcats New Zealand CEO Jeff Williams said.

“We need 30,000 new workers, which is almost double the size of the entire New Zealand Defence Force1.”

Williams noted that New Zealand need staff now with blockbuster events coming up like the Women’s Rugby World Cup in Auckland, the Wanaka Beer Festival, the Wine & Food Festival in Christchurch, the Rhythm & Alps Festival in the South Island, concerts from international artists such as Snoop Dog, George Ezra, Guns n Roses and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and Ironman New Zealand in Taupo.

“It has been a long and challenging few years for this sector and we are desperate to see pubs and clubs, bars and restaurants, cafes and hotels thriving again,” he continued.

“But the reality is, if we don’t get workers back, customers will suffer. Customers face a 25 percent increase in wait times, reservation unavailability, increase costs, limited menus and opening hours and a decline in service quality.”

Across New Zealand the top five hospitality jobs that need filling are bar and wait staff, kitchen staff, management roles, baristas, and hotel staff.

“We want this to be a blockbuster summer, and this is an industry that hires across a variety of ages – from university students, to retirees, and year 12 graduates across the country, we need you to sign up and be part of this hospitality army.”

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