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Reasons Why You Should Vacation in Jakarta

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Apart from being the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is a beautiful city. There are numerous things to do and marvel at. If you’ve never visited this city, perhaps you should include it in your bucket list. Here are the reasons why you may want to choose Jakarta for your next vacation.


Jakarta is a metropolitan city that attracts people from various parts of the world either for short or prolonged stays. This makes the city a hub of diverse ethnicity and cultures. Visiting Jakarta allows you to interact and meet with people from all walks of life. Not only do you learn from them, but you also make friends and create lifelong memories. So dynamic is the diversity in Jakarta that it provides you with a wide range of activities to engage in. Some of these include food, different customs, people, and places of worship. 

The Shopping Arena

Jakarta leads the park in Indonesia when it comes to matters to do with shopping. What with the modern shopping arena and big shopping malls that are comparable to none in the region? In general, there are more than one hundred malls located close together in Jakarta. If you are a shopping fanatic, you should start planning your visit to Jakarta as soon as now. Shoppers will get a vast selection of both international and local brands, luxury items, and good quality handcrafted goods. You’ll also be excited to know that the city plays host to one major discount event annually dubbed, the Jakarta great sale. Prices of select items are reduced by up to 70%. Use this opportunity to buy things that you’ve always wanted to own.

Modern Art and Culture

The art and culture arena in Jakarta is evolving. Both international and local artists create beautiful artistry which you can purchase. There are numerous art venues to visit where various sculptures, paintings, and installations are exhibited. While in Jakarta, you will never run out of things to do. Whether you enjoy staying at the heart of the city or you prefer adventure, there are interesting places worth visiting. Take the hotel scene for instance. Jakarta is home to some of the best hotels in the region. You can choose to stay around the metropolitan area or choose a good hotel Jakarta on the outskirts. 

Great Museums

Museums are ideal places where you can learn about the history and culture of different places. In Jakarta, museums are custodians of artifacts and stories from various parts of the localities. There are different kinds of museums that you can visit in the city. They include national museums, the Bank of Indonesia Museum, and the textile museum. Many of the collections you find in these museums depict cultures from different parts of Jakarta and the surrounding areas.

The Islands

Jakarta is the hub of some of the most breathtaking small islands in Indonesia. Many of the Islands are open to visitors from around the globe. When you’re visiting Jakarta, use that opportunity to marvel at the scenic environment. What’s more, there are numerous activities to engage in. The most interesting thing about these islands is: some are too close to one another. This gives you a chance to traverse from one island to the other with minimal struggle.

Efficient Public Transport

While many countries across the world are grappling with public transportation, Jakarta seems to have mastered it. The city prides itself on having one of the most efficient public transport systems in Indonesia. If you are visiting other cities in Indonesia, you may have to rent a car or bike to navigate through the city. In Jakarta, however, the public transportation system covers every part of the city at reasonable prices. With the recently launched MRT line, public transportation in the city is set to become even better.


If you’re a travel enthusiast and are yet to visit Jakarta, You are missing out on one of the most beautiful places in the world. Plan a visit to the city and while there, stay in one of the magnificent hotels situated close to the beach. | Newsphere by AF themes.