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Travel Guide: Where to go with family in Thailand 2022

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Travel Guide: Where to go with family in Thailand 2022 | News by Thaiger

Thailand is open for international travellers, with the Thai New Year of Songkran just around the corner. Thailand provides all you need for an excellent family vacation, including beautiful beaches, a variety of scenery, interesting activities for the kiddos, friendly locals and reasonably priced food.

Travelling with your family can take a lot of planning, especially if you don’t know where to go. So here are our Top 5 recommended places to travel with your family in Thailand in 2022.

Travel Guide: Where to go with family in Thailand 2022 | News by Thaiger

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Kanchanaburi is about 130 kilometres west of Bangkok, and it’s a great option for a short two-day trip. This gorgeous and historic city on the River Kwai allows families to learn about WWII history.

It’s also a lovely riverfront treasure in Thailand, which offers beautiful natural landscapes. While younger travellers may be less interested in knowing about the area’s history, a train journey along the majestic Death Railway is both exciting and thrilling. It’s an experience that can’t be missed.

This sad past is contrasted by stunning natural sights such as waterfalls, caves and the river. If you’re planning to spend a few nights, we recommend staying on a floating raft house for an unforgettable river adventure.

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Travel Guide: Where to go with family in Thailand 2022 | News by Thaiger

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Nakhon Ratchasima
The Isan province of Nakhon Ratchasima is known for having the country’s first national park, Khao Yai National Park. It stretches from Nakhon Ratchasima to the neighbouring provinces of Prachinburi, Saraburi and Nakhon Nayok.

Elephants, monkeys, deer, monkeys, porcupine, otters and foxes can all be spotted during a casual stroll through Khao Yai, as well as a variety of diverse reptile and bird species. There are trails for people of all abilities, and many of the park’s greatest attractions are also accessible by car. The variety is enhanced by waterfalls and picturesque vantage spots.

The headquarters are also very accommodating for families, with plenty of rest areas, a restaurant and cafe, a recently renovated nature centre with a children’s play area, and an expansive gift shop with all sorts of fun souvenirs for the whole family.

But when the sun goes down, that’s when the real fun begins. Make sure to stick around for the night safari. During the 30-minute safari, your group will ride around in the back of a pickup truck while a local wildlife guide shines a spotlight on the forest and fields in search of cool creeping critters of the night. Just remember to bring a sweater.

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Travel Guide: Where to go with family in Thailand 2022 | News by Thaiger

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Krabi is a beach lovers’ paradise and the ideal place to unwind. Krabi not only has some of the nicest beaches in the country, but it’s also a great spot to snorkel and see Thailand’s stunning underwater world. You can ride on a longtail boat as it cruises through caves and transports you to other majestic island paradises.

Travellers can enjoy boat trips to islands such as Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi, or relax on the white sand of Railay and Ao Nang. There are also many possibilities in the area for exciting day trips to parks, waterfalls, elephant shelters, or, for older kids, rock climbing in some of the top climbing areas.

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Travel Guide: Where to go with family in Thailand 2022 | News by Thaiger

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Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai’s climate is cooler than that of southern Thailand, providing a far more pleasant experience for those who want to beat the heat, especially as the year draws to a close. This is when most Thais will travel to the north country to dust off their sweaters and experience the drop in temperature. If you love camping, then this is your best option.

The city of Chiang Mai is an excellent spot to visit with the entire family. It offers a peaceful small-town vibe, with plenty of cafes, restaurants and ancient architecture to explore. There are many family friendly activities to choose from, including visits to museums and the zoo, as well as vibrant local markets.

Chiang Mai is renowned for its many outdoor activities in the surrounding hills. For more adventurous activities, consider feeding or washing an elephant at an elephant sanctuary, petting a tiger at the tiger park, or rafting or zip-lining or trekking. The list goes on. You can also pay a visit to the distant hill tribe settlements in the surrounding countryside, where you can learn about their local culture and buy one-of-a-kind handmade souvenirs at an incredible value.

Chiang Mai also has a zoo with a night safari, but this one is a lot tamer. Instead of sitting on the back of a songtow while peering into the dark forest, you’ll sit in a kiddy train and watch the animals in their cages (it’s still fun, though much less wild). But if you’re visiting on a Sunday, check out Night Safari Church — located right inside the zoo.

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Travel Guide: Where to go with family in Thailand 2022 | News by Thaiger

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Last but not least, we can’t forget about Bangkok. It’s a city that never sleeps (though it’s a bit quieter now than before the pandemic). Wherever you explore, the entire family will be on full alert, as there is constant activity happening all around you. Every family should visit Bangkok at least once.

The city has a lot to offer. Instead of mountains and beaches, you can visit the parks and mega malls. There are both outdoor and indoor playgrounds for kids (MEGA Bang Na is particularly great). Go on a cruise on the Chao Praya River, walk around any of the night or weekend markets, or have a picnic and go for a walk around Lumphini Park — where you’ll probably see some cool monitor lizards. Whatever you do, the concrete jungle will keep you on your toes for the right reasons.

Not to mention the plenteous food options. There’s enough here to please everyone, whether you’re craving the local cuisine at a street vendor, the reliable fare from a regular restaurant chain, or something fancy at a fine dining restaurant or boutique cafe. Thailand truly is the Land of Smiles and Bangkok has it all.

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Travel Guide: Where to go with family in Thailand 2022 | News by Thaiger


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