September 24, 2023


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Does this mean Christmas is cancelled? Your COVID-19 questions answered |  CBC News

The festive season is on its way already. This period between November and January is a top season for joy and festivity, especially because of the Christmas merriments going around everywhere. This celebratory time is the best time to plan a trip with your family. Among many holiday destinations, Toronto is quite famous for Christmas vacations.

If you along with your family are planning a trip to Canada this Christmas season, Toronto would be the best stop for you. Additionally to make your trip more comfortable many online hotel booking companies help people during the planning of their trips. Allreviews provides customers’ opinions about all the top hotels in Toronto. One of the most reliable online booking sites is hotel combined. Visit their web page now to book your ideal hotel room for this festive season.

In addition to hotel bookings, there are a few more things that need to be considered before planning a trip to Toronto. Let’s see what these are.

Language and Currency

Many tourists fail to enjoy a perfect vacation because they are unfamiliar with the local language and currency. The official languages of Toronto are English and French. Other than these, Chinese, Italian, Tamil, Portuguese, and Spanish. The currency that is used in the city is the Canadian dollar. Although, at some places, US dollars are also accepted. But the change is always given back in Canadian currency.

Get familiar with Toronto’s food scene

Toronto’s globally famous food scene contributes something to appeal to everyone’s palates. For a sampling of regional produce, you should start at St. Lawrence Marketplace. From there go out into the neighborhoods to explore the distinct cuisine on offer, like Indian food, Kimchi in K-Town, or Dim Sum In Chinatown.

In case you favor dining on the go, use the Toronto Food Trucks app to search for the nearest meal-on-wheels.

Tourist attraction for children

Traveling with children can be a bit hectic. This is the reason why there are many attraction points for children in Toronto city so that the children can have fun and stop being annoying all the time. The Toronto Zoo has more than 5 thousand animals. The animals are very diverse ranging from newborn zebras to cheetahs. 

There are sea animals as well. The Zoo is a perpetual favorite for children. It is located in the eastern outskirts of the city and spans around seven hundred eighty acres. It is one of the largest zoos around the globe. Consequently, if your kids are interested in wildlife, it won’t be a waste of time and money to set aside at least half a day for this zoo.


There are many other things to keep in mind while planning a trip to Toronto during Christmas time. But the above mentioned are the topmost important things to keep in mind. Now you just need to pack up your bags and book a ticket, and you are ready to enjoy this Christmas in the magnificent city of Toronto with your family and friends. | Newsphere by AF themes.