September 26, 2023


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7 Best Uses of QR Codes in X Games

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X Games is a big event for extreme sports fans, with multiple competitions for skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, motocross, and more! Put simply, it’s an Olympic-level event for action sports. Winners also get gold, silver, and bronze medals for first, second, and third place. Just like any other sporting event, it can also benefit from an advanced QR code generator online.

Check out the best uses of QR codes for X Games in this list.

1. Marketing and sponsorships

Extreme sports are quite popular and are watched by millions of people worldwide. This makes it a great opportunity for manufacturers to market their new products through sponsorships.

Once the players use these gears in the game, it’s a great marketing strategy for these brands to increase visibility for their products.

2. Official merchandise and rare items

Players have loyal fans and followers that are waiting to get their hands on the official merchandise and one-of-a-kind rare items. One of the ways athletes can do it is by broadcasting a QR code that leads to a sign-up page for the item giveaway. Otherwise, they can also offer NFTs through QR codes for lucky winners.

3. Player information 

If a rookie or a new face enters the competition and you want to know more about them, QR codes can be an excellent method to share their information. A QR code can be displayed on the screen or in their gears.

This can also be placed on their uniforms, instead of putting player numbers. Once scanned, this will reveal their official social media pages or a link to their athlete bios.

4. Stadiums and sporting venues

Aside from putting them at the entrances of the venue, QR codes can also be placed around the arena to easily order food and refreshments. They can also place these QR codes for suggestions and feedback on how they can improve the venue and overall event management. 

QR codes can be used to instantly report any untoward incidents in the audience.

5. Access to online viewing

For fans that can’t go to the venue, X Games is available on ESPN+ for online viewing. Promoters can distribute a video QR code on their website so it’s easier for people to start streaming.

QR codes can also be used to share access with other people. They can simply tweak the QR code to only allow several people or scan for paid viewership.

6. Promote online games for extreme sports

With its popularity, it’s no surprise that game developers are creating one that simulates the experience of extreme sports. The best way to market these online games is during the event itself! Simply place QR codes on the screens to lead audiences directly to the app store of your mobile phone.

7. Venue activations and displays

In every sporting event, organizers create a lot of buzz to attract more people to watch the games. These can be murals, statues, light shows, and other displays and activities that make the whole event more interactive. Organizers can put QR codes in these displays, leading people to the snippets of the athletes’ training sessions.

Use QR codes for your sporting events, too!

There are plenty of big sporting events that use QR codes, both big and small ones. If you’re an event organizer looking to conduct a sporting event anytime soon, you can use these best use cases for your own event too! You can always rely on a QR code generator with logo software to make full use of its complete features and ISO 27001 Certification.

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