September 24, 2023


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Bintan Island Exoticism: ATourist Destination in the Riau Archipelago

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The Riau archipelago consists of several islands that have their own charm. One of the islands that offers world-class tourism potential is Bintan Island. So if there are foreign tourists asking what to do in Bintan island? The answers are many. The beauty of this island is breathtaking.

To be able to explore this island, tourists can use the ferry boat. bintan ferry tickets are also affordable even for local tourists. So it is natural that many local tourists also come to witness the exoticism of the island which is located at the very end of the Singapore border.

The Exoticism of Bintan Island

What’s so interesting about Bintan Island? Of course the answers are many. But, at least some of the things below represent why tourists should come here.

1. The Beauty of the Beach

If tourists browse pictures of beaches on Bintan Island, they will find a very iconic beach. The beach has white sand with crystal clear water. What makes the beach on this island iconic is the sloping coconut tree.

The view of the sloping coconut tree against the backdrop of this exotic beach is even often used as computer wallpaper. This is just one of some of the most beautiful beaches on Bintan Island. The beaches here have clean white sand and combined with turquoise clear water that tourists can see the bottom of the sea.

2. World Class Resort

For tourists who want to spend more time and experience luxury tourism, resorts on this island are the most suitable answer. Yes, the main attraction on Bintan Island besides the beach is the resorts. In fact, these resorts have become famous tourist destinations here.

The luxury resorts on this island continue to receive positive reviews from both local and foreign tourists. Resorts here offer a world-class experience to stay, travel, play and relax. Tourists can relax while enjoying the natural beauty of Bintan Island.

3. The Natural Tropical Heaven

In general, Bintan Island has an amazing natural feel. Not a few who call it a tropical island paradise. The natural panorama is indeed very dramatic like a painting from a famous painter. The gradation between the sky, the beach and the island really blends perfectly.

For tourists, their trip to this beautiful island will pay off when they arrive. Those who have just come to this island will surely be amazed. They will never be able to stop admiring its beauty. Bintan Island is truly exotic.

It is recommended that tourists have a tour schedule when they come to Bintan Island. Thus, they can make the most out of their time while they are here. If not, then it’ll probably be hard for them to choose because all the tourist spots on this island are beautiful and inviting to explore.

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