June 22, 2024


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Advice On Choosing A Men’s Toiletry Bag

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If the stereotypes of the past held true today and you’re a man heading off on his travels, the very thought of needing a men’s toiletry bag would be enough to spill your bottle of Brut all over your prized collection of unopened Lynyrd Skynyrd picture discs.

Thankfully, those days are long gone, and nowadays, a men’s toiletry bag is a virtually ubiquitous item in any self-respecting man’s travel bag.

The reasons for their increased popularity of are many and varied, but essentially this is the bottom line: the average 21st Century male’s toiletry bag items now extends to many items more than a dollop of cheap aftershave, a squirt of toothpaste and a Bic disposable razor.

Yes, over the years, the thought that creams, moisturisers, lotions and potions are merely the preserve of the female of the species has been eroded like the wrinkled forehead of the once dashing man the average middle-aged man now sees in the mirror each day, hence the male toiletry bag demand.

So, in order to avoid the younger man succumbing to such a fate – at least at too young an age – the need for one has grown in tandem with the availability of products to fill them.

All this is great news if you’re in the process of selecting a toiletry bag for an upcoming trip, because there are, frankly, loads of them on the market.

One toiletry bag may fill the basic need of being a simple place to hold toiletries while others have an array of compartments, each a safe haven for the different types of toiletry you’re likely to carry.

In our opinion, unless you’re virtually living out of a suitcase, there’s no need to spend big on a bag to acquire something more than practical for the average man’s needs.

As with many items involving travel – and more so given the liquid nature of most of the things a men’s toiletry bag is designed to carry, you’re strongly advised to go for something that won’t stain or ruin the moment something spills on it, and that’s washable.

Let’s face it – there will come a time when you unpack your travel suitcase to find your favourite aftershave leaking out of your bag and over your clothes. Sadly, this is an almost inevitable drawback of long-haul travel at some point, so you may as well have the men’s toiletry bag best equipped to deal with spillages.

Because of that, a regular or faux leather bag would be your best bet materials-wise, but also consider how it fastens. Toiletry bags that pull closed with a string may look good, but this really isn’t your priority here.

My advice is to go for men’s toiletry back that zips shut, so even if that expensive aftershave should leak in transit, at least there’s a half-decent chance it won’t christen your best suit while it’s at it.

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